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Ridley Scott’s The Journey

A short film directed by Ridley Scott for Turkish Airlines. Premiered on Super Bowl Sunday.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” out in Cinemas today!

The latest in the Star Wars saga, Han Solo’s origin story is told with plenty of action and humour at the hands of veteran director Ron Howard. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is released in cinemas today. Cheryl had the pleasure of working as an additional editor on the exciting project alongside editors Pietro Scalia and Christopher Rouse.

Art of the Cut: Conversations With Film Editors – In Print

Cheryl is featured in Steve Hullfish’s book “Art of the Cut: Conversations With Film and TV Editors”. The book is a “virtual roundtable discussion” combining information, techniques and stories from over 50 editors with a wide variety of experience. Hullfish drew from the many interviews in his “Art of the Cut” series and assembled them into a hugely useful resource for editors and aspiring filmmakers.

Art of the Cut is available on

The Loneliest Time at the St Albans Film Festival

The Loneliest Time screened at the St Albans Film Festival over the weekend. After the screening Cheryl joined Producer and Actor Dan Poole in leading a masterclass with the audience. Many great questions about filmmaking, editing and the industry were asked and answered inside the beautiful Odyssey cinema.

Biopunk – Short concept film

Cheryl has recently finished work on Dresden Pictures film Biopunk. This concept film explores a dystopian future, and is just a taste of the larger feature film the makers have planned. Director Liam Garvo and producer James Heath were both wonderful to work with. It’s so great to see filmmakers with such ambitious and creative ideas.

The full concept film is below

BIOPUNK from Dresden Pictures on Vimeo.

Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant is Cheryl’s third feature working with Ridley Scott, and her second working as an additional editor to the very talented Pietro Scalia. Alien: Covenant is out in cinemas worldwide on May 19. The film picks up 10 years after Prometheus and should satisfy longstanding fans of the franchise with plenty of thrills.

In the lead up to the films release Fox put out The Crossing – a prologue that shows what happens between the end of Prometheus and the beginning of Covenant.

The trailer for Alien: Covenant is below.

Leni. Leni. at Cannes 2016

Cheryl recently completed the edit on “Leni. Leni.” This short film, directed by Adrian Vitoria, written by Alistair Audsley and produced by Rosie Fellner recently screened at the Short Film corner at the Cannes Film Festival 2016. The film explores the troubled world of Leni Riefenstahl – one of the most controversial and inventive filmmakers of her time.


Short Film – The Loneliest Time

While still finishing up on The Martian in her so-called “spare time” Cheryl began the task of editing a short film about conflict, The Loneliest Time. This timely and topical short was directed by Cort Kristensen while Dan Poole wrote, produced and starred.

The Loneliest Time is currently at sound mix stage, being mixed (in Dolby Atmos) by the fantastic Paul Massey with sound editing work by James Boyle.

For more information on the project see:

The Loneliest Time

The Loneliest Time Facebook page (feel free to “like” it if you wish.)

The Martian – The Art of the Cut Interview with Steve Hullfish

Author and editor Steve Hullfish publishes a series of insightful interviews with feature film editors for the website the Pro Video Coalition. The series is called The Art Of The Cut.

Following his interview with editor Pietro Scalia about editing The Martian, Steve interviewed me about our post process and workflow.

It’s a very in-depth, technical article about our process and I’ve been told it’s been very useful to lots of assistant editors and post production folk. Steve got in touch with me in January to let me know it was the most popular Art Of The Cut article of 2015!

The Art Of The Cut: The Martian With Cheryl Potter

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 17.14.50

The Martian – Articles Galore!

There have been a lot of excellent articles about the making of The Martian coming out, and the fantastic Jonny Elwyn has saved me from having to collate them all myself. He’s published a great round-up that links to all the articles about The Martian – Editing, Music, VFX, the whole lot!

So make yourself a hot drink and settle in to learn all about The Making Of The Martian